Breakdown of medical conditions:

  • Paroxysmal: short, infrequent and seemingly ‘random’ presentation of stereotyped symptoms. 
  • PSVT: paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia: a rapid heart rate occuring above the ventricular tissue; caused by a loop of electrical current in the heart that, while looping, causes the heart to beat quickly. In my case, it beats between 150-220bpm. 
  • PACs: Premature atrial contractions: common cardiac arrhythmia causing premature heartbeats originating in the artria. The sinoatrial node usually regulates heartbeats. A PAC occurs when another region of the atria depolarizes before the sinoatrial node thus causing a premature heartbat. 
  • Crepsis: crackling sounds
  • MVP: Mitral valve prolapse; regurgitation occurs when blood escapes from the left ventricle, through the mitral valve, and into the atrium. 
  • Orthopnea: difficulty breathing while lying flat on one’s back. 
  • Dyspnea: shortness of breath. 
  • Plantar panus: flat feet. 
  • Dysphagia: difficulty swallowing
  • Nystagmus: irregular, voluntary or involuntary eye movements. 
  • Strabismus: is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. Results from a lack of coordination between the extraocular muscles. 
  • ADHD-pi: Adhd can be classified by either combined, primarily hyperactive, or primarily inattentive (Primarily Inattentive). I have the primarily inattentive subtype — some might just label that ADD. 
  • Dysthymia: is a form of depression resulting in low mood that lasts two years or more. 
  • GAD: generalized anxiety disorder. 

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