Science, Religion With Buddhist Monk Dr. Matthieu Ricard (VIDEO)

Although I think what this guy is saying is amazing, and although I’d love to enthusiastically lose myself in the arms of that kind of love and life, I am still skeptical… with reason.

Why is our world always a human centered world? Why is it that ‘humans can always find happiness’ so important that it both defines ‘existence’ (not only human existence, but is used to define the world), and is the answer for everything? I get that we are humans and so think in terms of our our own and collective selves, but doesn’t this get a little circular and hypocritical when thought about more deeply?

What happens if another species evolves from us? However many thousands of years that takes? Say that their genome differs from ours by 2%, positively? Will this world still be about ‘humans being happy’?

I get all this talk about existential actualization (Being the best ‘you’ you can be), but is the answer of what our ‘meaning’ is, our ontology, really that easily come by? Is it certainly about happiness, or even about us? Could we fathom it being otherwise? Or should we just accept this (because it does result in the most collective positive outcome out of the hundreds of other ways of life I’ve come across) slightly pragmatically because its too difficult to think in terms of other species, and the universe as a whole?
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