Nietzsche Quotes Worth Remembering

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

“The will to overcome an emotion is ultimately only the will of another emotion or of several others”

“Disgust with dirt can be so great that it prevents us from cleaning ourselves – from justifying ourselves”

Truth is a lot like dirt – it comes out and sticks to us during our daily activities. Often people cling to illogical and absurd beliefs because the opposite scares them so much. The religious are a good example of this, and I think Nietzsche had them in mind when he wrote this. They fear being wrong so much that they don’t justify themselves – because most probably have the inclination that through the process of justification they may discover just how fragile their ‘truths’ are, and how weak their position is; that the very thing they fear is the thing that’s true.

“Terrible experiences make one wonder whether he who experiences them is not someone terrible”.

This is true, and ties in nicely with the first two quotes. I know from my personal experience that I often feel right in the offences I occasionally commit, only because those same offences or greater still have been done by others to me, many, many more times.

“The more abstract the truth you want to teach the more you have to seduce the senses to it”

Nietzsche certainly had his worldview squared up!

My current goal has been to journal every day – to make a habbit of it. I have succeeded. Not that I have been journalling for a very long time, but that it’s become habitual – I long to do it. The same goal I would like to move over to reading great philosophy – whether that be Nietzsche or Russel, or whoever. I’m going to commit half an hour every day. Hopefully a habit will form and that behavior will eventually snowball.


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