Words of the day:

The segment where I frantically and manically flip through my Compact Oxford searching for new and improved ways to convince others I’m much smarter than I really am!

Erotema (noun)A rhetorical question

Fatuous (adj.): Unreal; illusory.

Adumbrate (Tr. verb): To foreshadow; prefigure.

Inveigh (Int. verb): To protest strongly or attack vehemently with words.

Anacoenosis (noun): a figure of speech in which an appeal is made to one’s listeners or opponents for their opinion or judgement as to the subject under discussion.

Ana (noun pl.): a collection of miscellaneous information about a particular subject of thing, or an item in such a collection.

Merism (noun): a synecdoche in which a thing is expressed by a description of several of its disparate parts.

Fugacious (adj.): Passing quickly; transitory.



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