Fear is a product of thoughts you create…

[Crash landed. Two confirmed survivors. Son, this is not training. This is a class 1 quarantined planet. The threats we will be facing are real. Everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans. Every single decision we make will be life or death. But if we are going to survive this, you must realize that fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real. But fear is a choice .sic]

Fear can be found inhabiting the same vein that hosts all the states of existence we call ‘bad’. Fear is evil. Fear is horror. Fear is anguish and pain. Fear is anger and revenge. Fear is dysfunction and disarray.

Cheif among the tenets of Western religion is an axiom that can be used to provide insight into the questions of qualification which arise when we take ‘fear is not real. Fear is a choice’ seriously. ‘it is better to be done wrong to, than to do wrong’. Consciously deciding to bear the burden of wrongdoing is better than being the perpetrator of wrongdoing. That’s what the story of the cross demonstrates. If we are wise enough to realize that the costs of retaliation far outweigh the costs of having wrong done to you, than we should be wise enough to overcome those obstacles placed in-front of us. In the unwise, wrong necessitates wrong; evil actions breed evil acts. The same is true of fear. Once we realize and acknowledge that all dysfunctional things, all dysfunctional acts breed more dysfunction ad infinitum, than we can finally let go of fear.

We hold on to fear out of a natural impulse, and later in life we cloak that impulse in sophisticated dissonance and justification… Fear is more than being afraid. But fear requires that you do not stop being afraid; fear requires fear… as fuel.

We can run the scenario in our head… any scenario. Say you have a man pointing a gun at your head. What’s better, to crumble under the weight of fear? Or to let go of the fear? The problem is, we, as a species generaly, think in very black and white terms… most of us, that is. We think that so long as we see a blemish, or some dysfunction, that the thing in question is not worth our time. The same is true of fear. In any given situation, both alternatives (fear, no fear) have dysfunction. That’s because dysfunction exists… in a situation where there is dysfunction (fear), we cannot look at having ‘no fear’ and expect it not to have some pratfalls… but the alternative is so much worse… the thing is, we rarely permanently choose one or the other. We live in a culture of the status quo… no one really chooses sides. And that’s a fine and dandy for those who have an immesurable amount of ‘time’ ahead of them; they can analyze every corner of every scenario. However, those of us pressed with more urgent matters have to make a choice… the choice is to NEVER accept fear… never accept dysfunction… and if the case is acute, never accept the status quo.

As a rule, generally, never accept the status quo. By denying fear a hold over you, you will live a much happier life… sure there will be aspects of it, some may even seem quite major, that are dysfunctional and make you question yourself, and subsequently make the status quo look much more inviting… but don’t give in… you can analyze without giving in.

Fear is a product of thoughts in your head…

Nietzshces ubermensch can be summed up as the collective betrayal of fear. ‘Master-Slave morality’ is based upon ‘doing the right thing’ out of fear; we don’t attack another person becuase we fear they will attack us back etc…

How much more motivation do you need? I’m going to work as hard as I can to deny fear… to ‘evolve’. The saying ‘that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ (paraphrased, of course), championed by Nietzsche is a riddle. He’s telling us wha twe need to do, only we get stuck in all the trappings of the convenient life, unwilling to risk ‘being kiled’ in order to be strong. That quote is all about fear… Nietzche was obsessed with fear. And rightly so.


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