Words Of The Day:

acumen (noun): insight; sound judgement. 

aegis (noun): that which protects; a goatskin shield esp. Greek mythology

Check out the Thesaurus' sibling, Dictionary.

commiserate (verb): to empathize; express feelings of sympathy. 

consanguineous (adj.): related by blood. 

lothario (noun): rake; womanizer. 

maladroit (adj.): clumsy, ungainly. 

malfeasance (noun): wrongdoing. 

machination (noun): plot; esp. for wrongdoing. 

pulchritude (noun): beauty

runel (noun): stream

incubus (noun): nightmare; a male demon believed to have sex with sleeping women. 

calumny (noun): false, defamatory statments; slander. 

buttress (noun; verb): provide a structure with projecting supports against its walls; support, underpin. 



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