Words Of The Day:

acrimonious (adj.): angry/ bitter esp.  of speech 

acrophobia (noun): fear of heights. books

acquiesce (verb): agree passively. 

adjourn (verb): suspend/ break off with the intention of resuming later; go somewhere for refreshment (adjourn at a local pub). 

adonis (noun): a beautiful man esp. in Greek mythology.

accrete (verb): grow/ form by gradual accumulation 

argot (noun): specialized jargon of a particular group or profession. 

assuage (verb): reduce an unpleasant feeling esp. physical pain. 

asunder (adverb): apart/ divided. 

aspersion (noun) : slander/ libel/ defamation. 

artifice (noun): trick/ ruse/ wile esp. to deceive others. 

armistice (noun): truce esp. in wartime. 

au courant (adj.): up to date/ aware of what is going on; well informed.

augur (verb): portend negative or positive outcomes; predict. 







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