Words Of The Day:

1) apocryphal


  • of or relating to the Apocrypha
  • doubtful of authenticity; lacking authority

2) fecund 


  • #formal – highly fertile; able to produce offspring
  • #informal – leading to innovation/ new ideas

3) fiat 


  • #derogatory slang (automobiles) – ‘fix it again, Tony’.

Proper Noun 

  • a vehicle made by the company ‘Fiat’. 


  • an authoritative decree or order
  • #english law – warrant issued by a judge for certain processes.
    •  – an authority for certain proceedings provided for by the Lord Chancellor’s signature.

4) neologism


  • a new word or word-phrase
  • #psychiatry – newly coined, meaningless words or phrases of someone suffering psychosis esp. Schizophrenia

5) nebulus: 


  • vague or ill-defined
  • in the form of cloud; hazy.

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