Words Of The Day:

acme (noun): the point at which something is perfect or most successful; zenith.

accouter (tr. verb): to equip or clothe, esp. in military usage.

coda (noun): concluding passage or movement.

cognomen (noun): typically, by Roman convention,  the third name of a citizen of ancient Rome

imprimatur (noun):  A license given by the R.C. Church of approval to print a religious text or book. 

menagerie (noun): a zoo; a strange/ diverse collection esp. of animals/ living creatures.

minutiae (noun): a small or trivial detail

sundry (adj./noun): various or miscellaneous; of various items not important enough to name individually.

misanthropy (noun): a hatred, distrust or disdain of mankind; avoidance of human society.

miscegenation (verb): interracial marriage, esp. of racism and laws banning interracial marriage and copulation (use today considered very offensive, and on some grounds may constitute hate speech)


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