Why Being Good Matters

I think everything in life, whether we know it or not, all culminates around our mortality. I think our morality centers on our finality (and the binary quality of death and destruction). I think death empowers us and commands virtuous, right action. I think Death is at the same time the most important, and the worst thing in the Universe. It is a law; a commandment the same as gravity. And like gravity, our understanding of why things fall is always changing. But even after studying death for seventy years, the seventy year veteran must eventually face death for himself. Death is the most personal and the most universal experience; everyone dies, and at that final moment, everyone is alone.

Alone means being with yourself, and only with yourself. The slice of self that matters most during the dying stage is that which contains all of the good memories and good feelings we have gathered throughout our lives (and this is what I’d like to briefly touch on for a moment).

Like anything, though, laws require narrow parameters. In this case, happiness and joy in the face of pure agony requires good-hearted, kind and loving people; virtuous people with more volition than selfishness.

The only thing that matters in this life is virtue, morality, love and kindness; to be good. Unfortunately, humans are flawed. When we look upon a stranger, we don’t see the multitude of experiences that they have recently had, shaping their behavior and their actions. That’s why family is so important; not in some archaic, rule-consequentialism sort of way. But pragmatically. We know our family, we know (for the most part) who they are and what they’re going through; at least comparatively. With that insight comes responsibility; it is within the confines of one’s home that a persons true nature is defined.

That’s why family is so important, and so necessary. Families carry immortality, as life-blood. The key to life and the hidden secret of the universe is simply this: be a good person, and be good to your family. Nothing else matters as much as this; and if you do this right, everything else in life will fall into place.

I just hope before I die I get the pleasure of experiencing some freedom. Everyone dies… it’s my most sincere hope that dying is but a door leading to some other place. Not paradise; not a place where immediately everything is known. But a place like this, where we can keep going and keep learning. I don’t wish for freedom from suffering; all we wish for is some existential valuation. Some reason for doing, some cause or mission. (Although, in order for that to be true we have to believe in substance, an open universe, the theory of mind, and abstract entities… hopefully, hopefully I’m wrong!)


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