A Final, Yet Important, Word

Some men seek pleasure for the sake of pleasure, and of being pleased. Others are intrigued only by the mystery of this world, giving little thought to what lies beyond. Equally, there are those who spend an eternity doting over holy writ. Whatever man we may be, it appears we all share one small goal in common: to impart some lasting mark upon this harsh landscape.

My desire is to share the wisdom I have been granted, being so critical of my individual and quite unique suffering. I suffer, and from that suffering I take certain small truths away. What I have found, though it may seem largely incomprehensible to some, is at the same time of incredible importance, and of audible significance.  Every moment lived, every action took, and every experience had, no matter by whom (or even what), requires consult and visitation. In this way we are equals; we all experience, and we all die.

To do good is the most basic task of any just man. Much like the task of fitting into a round hole a square object, a truly just man cannot rightly act in ways contrary to justice and to goodness. Goodness is at every turn the right thing; it is rational upon investigation, and of thought a priori. I have found a beauty to life I did not know existed. And as I sit here, barely now conscious, waning out of my own awareness, I am but a mere thought away from peaceful bliss.

We find it easier to do things easier; we are disposed to think lightly and act heavily. I have found following the words and the advice of great men, studying and observing the lanes carved into nature by the very existence of natural things, and always questioning, that life can be brilliant and beautiful in even the most harsh conditions. All men must die; something which we have forgotten. Once we accept that fact, things become much less arduous.

Our life is what our thoughts make it


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