I Believe in Belief

“Science can’t tell me where it all came from, and there’s too much left unknown. Life is hard, so I’d rather believe in something greater and something comforting”

I don’t think Christians who say this type of thing are motivated by a deep metaphysical conviction. I think most many are motivated to believe by their own personal mortality. Life is hard, and brutal and unforgiving. And they cannot fathom life without a personal creator. Their motivation for believing is to stave off fear and uncertainty and existential decay. Not because they think it’s true. Thinking its true is both a consequence of needing that truth and a necessity of believing it.

Generally, a Christian’s belief in something is informed by the feeling of love and piety they have for the ‘God’ they love, not a rational inquiry into the nature of the object of thought in question.

So when a Christian friend tells me that nothing I say to them could ever shake the belief they have, they’re partly right. I won’t change their beliefs because their beliefs aren’t informed by facts, but rather they are informed by pious love and speculation – and sometimes facts distorted by their worldview and their desires.


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