It’s a tragedy that only the truly great see the greatness in others. While those who truly need those models remain unaware and ignorant. It is not a sign of weakness to feel things piercingly –  to feel doubt and fear and uncertainty. Those things are a natural part of our biology, and an ancestry which we cannot and should not deny. Weakness is not as we imagine it, and neither is strength. Strength is continued intention within confusion and uncertainty; it’s audacity, courage, and most importantly, prudence. Weakness is immaturity and ignorance; and sometimes an incapacity to evaluate the important complexities of perilous moments. Strength and weakness are not dichotomies set in form; they are not colours or states of existence. Neither are they sentences or rewards. They are states of mind attainable and completely within all our grasps. They are the soil in which we plant our selves.


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