How do you deal with death? How do you deal with knowing you’re going to die? How does that fear not paralyse you? How do we approach this problem?

We’re all going to die. If you’re doing what you love, then you can accept it. When you allow that fear of death to define your every response to frightening and potentially perilous things, then you never allow yourself to grow towards your goals, and to experience all of the things that you should experience. Instead, you’re allocating all of your energy towards postponing that moment when you have to deal with that problem. And when that moment gets here, which it will, you won’t be able to deal with it. And it will be the worst thing imaginable.

So how do I deal with death? With the fear of dying? By going out every day and accomplishing something. By working hard and by building my character. By cultivating the person I want to be, and never accepting what the universe tells me I am. By accepting death and dealing with my anxieties every day, so that I break apart that ore and spread it out over a lifetime, rather than condemning myself to the few moments of furious terror at the end of my life when I have to live out my biggest fears and leave this world behind.




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