A Note To Self – 2014

You have to stop avoiding attention taxing tasks of delayed gratification because of some vague sense of the value of time. Instead, each time you feel the desire to check Reddit or engage in some immediately satisfying task, examine your behavior to see if your defining the parameters which you ‘value’ time by how much immediate enjoyment you’re having, or by how distracting it is. Then remind yourself that what you could be doing, which might require more effort, will take no more time, but will confer a much greater benefit. And if you still feel discouraged, acknowledge that part of the reason you feel the need to constantly check Reddit, or watch a video rather than read or write or do something else productive, is because you’ve formed bad habits. You can form new habits – in fact, the process of which (researching, writing etc…) could benefit your health by getting you more active – as well as your intelligence and your knowledge. It’s wins all the way down. Moderation is the key, not temperance.


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