I am a 23-year-old University student from Ontario, Canada. I study computer science, philosophy and psychology. I have a rare genetic disease (Ehlers-DSnapshot_20140303_11anlos syndrome) which has dramatically changed my life – both for the better, and for the worse (more for the worse, haha). It’s come to my attention that I could also have Parkinsons… My health is always betraying me, but much like Nietzsche, I do not fear the fears ‘strong men’ define my weakness by (and my compatriots revolt against). Suffering is, to be sure, a bad state-of-affairs, and needs’ corrected. But it’s not bad as we might imagine it to be. And it’s in that proper re-imagining that we should take flight, not some Apollonian impulse to reject the complexity of life.

I write about disease, disability, pain, fear, emotions, psychology, philosophy, science and much, much more. I write for fun, for practice and for purpose. Writing is a very complex and creative activity. I love doing it. I am always trying to better my craft, so any positive and negative feedback is welcomed. This blog, to be forewarned, is mostly an outlet where I can purge my roughspun, unedited ideas in a chaotic fashion. I always feel this need to produce; I hold back hundreds of essays a year to save face – because I know I haven’t the health or time to fully appreciate them. Often that need actualizes itself in, well, my ‘roughspun, unedited ideas’. So let’s bear with each-other!

You can reach my main blog here: http://www.acommondilemma.wordpress.com


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