Don’t compare yourself with what you used to be, compare yourself with what you can still do.

If you’re sick, don’t compare illness with your health. Compare your illness with your function. We’re always going to have functional limitations, but if you spend your time mourning loss you won’t be able to accept the fate you’ve stumbled upon, and do the things that you need to do.


The Inheritance of Loss

“Sai had wondered, Should humans conquer the mountain or should they wish for the mountains to possess them’. Sherpas went up and down ten times, fifteen times in some cases, without glory, without a claim of ownership. And there were those who said it was sacred, and shouldn’t be sullied at all.”


“So that, now as formerly, religious doctrine, accepted on trust and supported by external pressure, thaws away gradually under the influence of knowledge and experience of life which conflict with it, and a man very often lives on, imagining that he still holds intact the religious doctrine imparted to him in childhood whereas in fact not a trace of it remains.”


“But thy father loves the clashing

Of broadsword and of shield:

He loves to drink the steam that reeks

From the fresh battlefield:

He smiles a smile more dreadful

Than his own dreadful frown

When he sees the thick black cloud of smoke

Go up from the conquered town.